Best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors in 2024 – ultrawide monitor arms for office and gaming

Best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors in 2024 – ultrawide monitor arms for office and gaming
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Getting your hands the best ultrawide monitor arm will keep your screen both stable and adjustable.

After buying the best ultrawide gaming monitor it’s easy to overlook the monitor arm you need to complete the set-up, but this is a risky oversight. The best gaming monitors don’t come cheap as it is, let alone an ultrawide one so it makes a lot of sense to invest in an arm that can suitably support it.

We are demanding more and more from our monitors each year, and manufacturers have responded by packing them with new technology. You can now get 360Hz gaming monitors, OLED, 4K and more. This has increased their value and so demand for monitor arms has increased.

These arms aren’t just a safety precaution either, they will make your desk less cluttered and your screen more adjustable, allowing you to shift your monitor for maximum comfort. This makes them perfect for the immersive gaming experience an ultrawide monitor offers.

If instead, you’re looking for a monitor arm combo that is best for competitive gaming you’ll want to be looking at the best 240Hz gaming monitors.

No matter what you’ll definitely want a monitor arm that is designed specifically for ultrawide monitors as these are capable of handling the necessary weight and adjustment requirements a screen that wide demands. Our list gives you three great choices for monitor arms, from premium ones like the Ergotron HX, to more budget friendly offerings like the VIVO Premium monitor stand.

Best ultrawide monitor arm

Best 38″ ultrawide monitor arm – AVLT Single 13″-43″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount

Best overall ultrawide monitor arm - AVLT Single 13-43 Monitor Arm Desk Mount
Mount type: Table mount | Minimum screen size: 13 inches | Maximum screen size: 43 inches | Maximum weight: 33 lb
Check price: AVLT Single 13″-43″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount at Amazon

This beautifully designed ultrawide monitor arm from AVLT is one of the best available. It manages to include simple built in cable management with a sleek design and strong build, all while keeping the price affordable.

That’s not to mention the levels of adjustability this monitor arm brings to the table (literally). With gas springs for low effort adjusting, it’s got 13 inches of height adjustability, plus 90 degrees tilt, 180 of swivel and a huge 360 degrees of rotation available. This ensures you can fine-tune a set up that is perfect for you and allows for regular adjusting depending on the demands of your current task.

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On top of that the 3 year warranty, lifetime tech support, and 24 hour query response time should put your mind at ease, and allow you to get the full value out of this great product.

Best 49″ ultrawide monitor arm – Ergotron HX Desk Monitor Arm

Best premium ultrawide monitor arm- Ergotron HX Desk Monitor Arm
Mount type: Table mount | Maximum screen size: 49 inches | Maximum weight: 42 lb
Check price: Ergotron HX Desk Monitor Arm at Amazon

This sleek and strong ultrawide monitor arm from Ergotron is one of the most robust on the market. With a huge maximum weight of 42 Lbs and screens size up to 49 inches, there are few ultrawide monitors this arm won’t work with.

It’s built around ease of use and a sleek desk set up. Not only does the arm itself look stylish, but it also comes with built-in cable management and low-profile clamp fittings. As a result, you can set up your screen and get it connected to your desktop without hassle.

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Ergotron has a stunning ten year warranty on this premium monitor arm as well as offering expert technical support, showing how much faith they themselves put in the quality of their product.

If you want to keep your premium screen safe and stylish and don’t mind paying for the privilege, this monitor arm is your best bet.

Best budget ultrawide monitor arm – VIVO Premium Aluminum Ultrawide Monitor Stand

Best budget ultrawide monitor arm - VIVO Premium Aluminum Ultrawide Monitor Stand
Mount type: Table mount | Maximum screen size: 49 inches | Maximum weight: 39.6 lb
Check price: VIVO Premium Aluminum Ultrawide Monitor Stand at Amazon

The truth is that keeping a heavy and wide monitor properly stable and secure, as well as adjustable, just isn’t that cheap. This means that our pick for the best budget friendly ultrawide monitor arm will still set you back around $100, though this is very reasonable for this product, and still the lowest price on this list.

For this lower cost, you still get a strong arm capable of handling 49-inch screens weighing up to 39.6 pounds. The level of adjustability is also suitably high, with 180 degrees of swivel and rotation as well as 90 degrees of tilt and 19 inches of height variability.

The installation is made simple with a heavy duty C-clamp though you will need a desk at least 3.3 inches thick.

Overall this is a strong and capable ultrawide monitor arm, that is being sold at a bargain price. For the heaviest and widest of monitors though, make sure their dimensions are compatible.

How much should I spend on an ultrawide monitor arm?

It depends on what you’re looking to get out of your monitor arm and is dependent on what kind of ultrawide monitor you have.

The minimum you can expect to spend is around $150, though this is more in the budget range. If you want to prioritise comfort and ergonomic design, you’ll probably need to spend around $300 on an ultrawide monitor arm.

Frequently asked questions

Buying an ultrawide monitor arm should be simple. We’ve tried our best to make that the case and have answered some of the most common questions that come along with such a purchase below.

Are monitor arms worth it?

Yes. A monitor arm serves you in all kinds of ways. It improves the look of your desk by increasing space, as well as allowing you to adjust your monitor and set it perfectly for you. This can increase comfort and avoid the need to crane your neck.

If you pick carefully it won’t be a purchase you find yourself making often, with durable products coming with long warranties and guarantees.

What is VESA support?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and their standards dictate the distances between the mounting holes on a monitor. This means that if both your screen and monitor arm use VISA mounting holes you can be confident they will be fully compatible.

Can you mount a 49 inch monitor?

Yes, but you will need a robust ultrawide monitor arm to do the job safely and securely. All ultrawide monitor arms come with maximum weight and size and it’s not uncommon for that to include 49 inch screens, just make sure their weight is not over the arm’s maximum.

Are arm monitors better than stands?

An arm monitor is especially useful if you value ergonomic flexibility. While some monitor stands come with adjustable stands, others don’t, meaning your eyes can be strained over a longer period of time. Monitor arms can also help free up your desk space.

Does any monitor arm fit any monitor?

Generally yes, with the exception of ultrawide monitors.