Does Jedi Survivor have ray tracing?

Does Jedi Survivor have ray tracing?
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For those wondering if Jedi Survivor will have ray tracing when it releases on April 28, 2023, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Jedi Survivor is the latest iteration from the long and far-reaching Star Wars franchise. It follows on from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and is set five years later from the events that took place in the previous game. With the much steeper system requirements needed to play Jedi Survivor many gamers are hoping they will see a corresponding jump in visuals. So, the natural next question is, will Jedi Survivor have ray tracing?

Let’s get into it.

Does Jedi Survivor have ray tracing?

In short, yes. Jedi Survivor has been confirmed to have ray tracing by the head developer Stig Asmussen in a special interview for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023. He said, ‘I think it’s allowed us to really dial in, and get very, very quick results…it’s limiting when you have a bake solution, where you set up the lights and you have to wait – sometimes several hours – to see the results, and then you fine tune.’

He went on to say, ‘And with ray tracing, that turnaround time is a whole lot faster and the level of quality that we’re seeing is even better than we had in the past, as well.’ So it’s clear to see that, not only is ray tracing in Jedi Survivor, the developers are very pleased with the addition it brought to the game.

Of course, the addition of ray tracing means that the system requirements will also see a jump including download size, so make sure to check those out ahead of the release day if you want to be sure of catching all the characters, enemies, and even new combat styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since this is such a hotly anticipated release, we know many gamers will have questions that they want answers to. We’ve done our best here to answer your most pressing queries.

Does Jedi Survivor have ray tracing on PS5?

In short, yes. Jedi Survivor has been confirmed to have ray tracing and the PS5 is more than capable to meet the requirements to render it.

Do you need RTX to play Jedi Survivor with ray tracing?

The minimum GPU required to run Jedi Survivor is Radeon RX 580/ Nvidia GTX 1070 or above.