Modders fix Dragon’s Dogma 2’s DLSS issues before Capcom can

Modders fix Dragon’s Dogma 2’s DLSS issues before Capcom can
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The launch of Dragon’s Dogma 2 has seen nothing but issues. Capcom have been transparent with this issues, highlighting a few bottlenecks to performance that have been disproportionately affecting hopeful players. Amid all of the NPC issues, it’s actually the use of DLSS that is apparently tanking the game.

In our graphics settings for Dragon’s Dogma 2, we’ve already highlighted plenty of issues with low FPS that will be affecting users, and the solution has generally been to ensure you’re using DLSS or FSR. However, Capcom have recently highlighted that they “are aware of issues for some setups when DLSS Super Resolution is turned on.” This is followed by a notice that they “plan to add DLSS Frame Generation in a future title update,” which has tempted the ire of many.

Months ago, Dragon’s Dogma 2 was announced to release with DLSS 3, which has obviously not happened. Those at PCGamer have noted that the files for DLSS 3 Frame Generation are very much present in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s database, though there’s no implementation. Well, there’s a working solution for this already.

Modder PureDark, known for their involvement in paid Starfield modding scandal, has already implemented a working DLSS 3 mod. The mod is available for free from PureDark’s Patreon, and is also slated to fix issues with Frame Generation which likely prevented its inclusion in the final build.

Dragon's Dogma 2 DLSS: A character stands on a bridge, near the start of the game.
Image via PureDark

Should you even use DLSS with Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Capcom have been pretty up-front that DLSS Super Resolution is causing issues with the game. For many, relying on DLSS and FSR is one of the only ways to properly enjoy the game. It’s even worse that PureDark’s DLSS 3 mod is only compatible with RTX 40-series GPUs, which while they’re the current flagships, aren’t that common outside of the most expensive gaming PC builds.

Dragon's Dogma 2 DLSS: 

It reads: "DLSS Super Resolution. We are aware of issues for some setups when DLSS Super Resolution is turned on."
Via Capcom’s Steam Community post on performance issues.

There is some hope. The statement says some, not all. It’s worth testing out DLSS and the difference performance variances that the game offers, and then you will be able to see for yourself if DLSS is worth using or not.

If you’re continually encountering FPS issues in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s worth testing out this solution which Capcom themselves have championed:

  1. Confirm the game is closed
  2. Right-click “Dragon’s Dogma 2” in the Steam Library and open “Properties”
  3. Select “Browse Local Files…” in the Local Files tab
  4. Rename config.ini to config_backup.ini
  5. After copying config_default.ini, rename the copied file to config.ini
  6. Click “Play” from the Steam client to start the game

This will lower your game’s settings, and give you a better chance of achieving a stable frame rate.