How to fix Discord ‘stuck on starting’

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If you’ve tried to load Discord, and it’s ‘stuck on starting’ or it’s not opening, here’s how to fix it.

Discord needs no introduction, but when it’s not working properly, you can feel particularly disconnected from your gaming circle. If it’s stuck on starting, there’s a couple of things you can do to kickstart your social life. If Discord in’t opening or working then

Discord has recently been experiencing issues with an infinite checking for update loop, which is an issue with the desktop app.

We’ve already had a look at how to use Discord on PS5 and how to delete your Discord account, but for now we’re going to be going over how to fix Discord when it’s not turning starting properly.

How to fix Discord ‘stuck on starting’ error

If you’re experiencing errors with Discord stuck on starting – you can follow the below steps to try and fix Discord by deleting the program folder from AppData.

1. Delete the program and restart Discord

  • Press Windows + R and open the Run application
  • Type %appdata% in the prompt box to open AppData folder
  • Locate Discord folder and delete
  • Restart computer and open Discord

2. Close Discord in the Command Prompt, and reopen it

  • Press Windows + R and open the Run application
  • Type cmd into the prompt box
  • Type the following into the terminal: taskkill/ F/ IM discord.exe
  • Press enter
  • Close Command Prompt
  • Re-open Discord

3. Open Task Manager

  • CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Open Task Manager
  • Locate Discord
  • End Task

If all of the above don’t work – we’d suggest you delete and re-install Discord.

Discord ‘stuck on starting’ – FAQs

Why is the Discord ‘stuck on starting’ error occurring?

The Discord ‘stuck on starting’ error is occurring likely due to corrupt application files. It’s likely that your Discord files are at fault, and a simple re-install might sort you out.

Does reinstalling Discord delete your chat history?

Discord is a web-based application, and all of your chat history is linked to your account, not your application. Re-installing will be fine.

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