Discord for PS5 not working – how to fix account not linking?

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If you’ve had a go at using Discord for PS5, you may have encountered issues with it not working. We’re going to cover how exactly to fix them here.

Discord has been synonymous with gaming since its inception in the early 2010s. Since then, it has evolved into so much more than just a chatroom, in fact it’s now used to house entire AI Image generation APIs. However, while the platform has scaled massively, the developers haven’t forgotten about console gamers who can now officially access voice chat rooms.

While it’s fully available on PS5, and partially (if that) usable on PS4, some users are reporting an issue with linking your account to your PS5. If that’s you – here’s how we fixed it.

How to fix Discord for PS5 not working?

If you’ve connected your Discord to your PS5 and it’s not working – there’s a possibility that the platform has glitched slightly. Reportedly, if you link your PS5 to Discord on PC, it then doesn’t work on your PlayStation.

The remedy to this is pretty simple – simply, unlink your account from your PC and link it through your PS5 instead.

Why isn’t my account linking to Discord for PS5?

We haven’t yet found a valid reason for Discord for PS5 not working right off the bat. It’s possible that it’s not working due to a simple networking error – likely that linking your Discord account to your PlayStation using your PC doesn’t fully register the device properly. It makes sense to instead have a go at setting up Discord through your PS5 instead.

We’re not sure if there’s going to be a light update to Discord for PS5 that will rectify this, though we can expect the developers to resolve it soon.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates on Discord for PS5, so if we hear of a permanent solution to this we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you might be interested in if you can connect AirPods to PS5 or what’s the best PS5 controller. Make sure to check back in with us periodically for the latest on Discord for PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Discord for PS5 working?

Discord for PS5 is currently working as intended.

Is Discord for PS5 good?

Discord for PS5 is one of the most useful pieces of software that the PlayStation now has.

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