Best USB-C Cable in 2023 for power, data, and charging

Best USB-C Cable in 2023 for power, data, and charging
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You might not think that the best USB-C cable is an important choice to consider, however you might be surprised to learn how much picking the right one might affect you.

A USB-C cable is used for two purposes – data transfer and power. These are the two primary specifications that you’re going to want to consider when you’re picking the best USB-C cable.

After those two factors, the next most important thing to consider is what you need your USB-C cable for. There’s a range of possibilities – you could need it to power and charge your camera whilst also transferring video – or you might just need something to connect your portable charger to your smartphone so you can continue to play mobile games on it. If you’re contemplating using the device to daisy-chain monitors together – alternatively consider researching HDMI vs USB-C. You can read about the best HDMI 2.1 cable here, or even the best DisplayPort cable.

There’s also the matter of size and length – which surprisingly does matter in terms of power delivery and data transfer efficiency.

And then, finally, you’re going to have to choose the USB-C cable with the best design and feel. This is an extremely understated aspect of choosing a cable as realistically they’re very tactile and hands-on, and you could be interacting with it a lot depending on your usage.

Without further ado, lets get into our top picks for the best USB-C cable in 2023.

Best USB-C Cable

Best USB-C Cable for power delivery and fast charging – Anker 765

Power: 140w | Transfer bandwidth: 480 Mbps | Length: 3ft / 6ft | USB Standard: USB 3.1
Check Price: Anker 765 at Anker

The Anker 765 is a great USB-C cable perfect for power delivery thanks to its maximum wattage of 140. If you’re seeking a cable capable of powering your laptop all day – this is the one for you.

With USB Power Delivery 3.1, this cable is perfect for bridging connections between phones, tablets, headphones, and laptops without ever being at risk of overload.

Alongside that, if you purchase it via Anker, you’re going to receive a 24-month warranty. This is especially handy as it’s common for cables used everyday to bend and fray over time.

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If the warranty wasn’t enough to negate that problem – the cable has been stress-tested to withstand up to 35,000 bends in its lifetime. Alongside that, the exterior to the cable is threaded, meaning it’s even more resilient to bending than a regular rubber cable casing.

With all of that in mind – this is the best cable to use if you’re needing a charging cable with the best USB-C power delivery.

You can buy the Anker 765 from Anker, and you can currently buy it at a 10% discount.

Best USB-C cable for data transfer – Rampow USB-C

Power: 100w | Transfer bandwidth: 20 Gbps | Length: 6.6ft | USB Standard: USB 3.2
Check Price: Rampow USB C at Amazon

If you’re looking for the best USB-C cable for data transfer – the Rampow USB-C to USB-C is definitely your best option.

USB-C is limited to a maximum of 20 Gbps, and while it’s true that you can find other USB-C cables with similar bandwidth capabilities, you won’t find any with the Rampow’s style, power delivery potential, and length.

Often the case with high data transfer cables is they’re short. This is a symbolic design choice – generally shorter cables indicate they’re for data transfer, whereas longer cables are used to indicate power delivery as it’s a more dynamic and usable form factor.

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The Rampow looks to provide a middle-ground with its maxed out bandwidth and high power delivery (100W).

This is perfect for anyone needing to connect two devices such as a smartphone and tablet, or camera and laptop. While it will be able to provide power between the two devices, it’s also going to be transferring data at the highest possible speed.

You can buy the Rampow USB-C from Amazon.

Best budget USB-C cable – INIU USB-C

Power: Fast-charge | Length: 3.3ft x 2, 6ft x 2, 10ft x 1 | USB Standard: USB 3.2
Check Price: INIU USB C Cable [5 Pack 3.1a] at Amazon

If you’re not willing to splash needless amounts of cash on a cable – the INIU USB C Cable will be the best budget USB-C cable for you.

For the price – you’re going to paying roughly $3.20 / cable if you buy the five-pack, which is the cheapest price we’ve been able to find for a product of this quality.

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Fast-charging is a must have in today’s world as we’re constantly relying on our devices to be fully charged. With a 3.1A output, this cable can charge your phone or tablet at the top speeds.

Alongside that, they have a superior tensile strength and are extremely durable. This is surprising considering the price.

You can check the price of the INIU USB-C Cables at Amazon.

Best USB-C cable for length – JSAUX USB-C

Power: 60W | Transfer bandwidth: 480 Mbps | Length: 10ft | USB Standard: USB 2
Check Price: Jsaux USB-C 2-pack 10ft on Amazon

The Jsaux USB-C 2-pack 10ft cables are the best USB-C cables for long length that you’ll be able to find.

This type of cable is perfect for anyone looking for a cable with mid-weight performance but a stellar usability. Having an extremely long cable is perfect for anyone who likes to connect their phone up to a charger or PC and use it while still connected.

Similarly, having the extra length means you don’t have to unplug it and plug it back in to another source, which is actually one of the primary causes of wear and tear within cables such as these.

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The only drawback is that the cable’s length reduces the electrical current while also slowing down data transfer on a very small scale. This makes it unsuitable for anyone needing peak performance out of their cable.

That being said, the cables come in a range of colors which, for the price, is much more than you’d have expected.

Overall, this is an extremely capable long-length USB-C cable and any casual usages make this a very appropriate charging cable.

You can check the price of the Jsaux USB-C 2-pack 10ft on Amazon.

Best USB-C cable for design – Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable

Power: 100W | Length: 6ft
Check Price: Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable on Anker

Our final inclusion is the Anker 643 – which is our selection for the best designed USB-C cable. Available in 7 different pastel tones – this cable is designed with a silicone casing protecting the cable.

Not only does it look good, but the soft feel of the cables is one its best attributes. The silicone casing also means that they are tangle-free, which is especially important if you’re transporting multiple cables around with you.

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The impressive selection of colours mean you’re unlikely to lose track of your cable, while they’ve been tested to withstand up to 25,000 bends.

The 100W power delivery means that all your favourite devices will be sufficiently fuelled, though the only drawback is the lack of high-speed data transfer. This is very much a cable more suited to charging your devices than for connectivity.

You can check the price of the Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable at Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is USB-C better than Thunderbolt?

While USB-C and Thunderbolt appear to be physically similar (they share the same port design), they are slightly different. Thunderbolt is more used for data transfer between monitors and other devices such as laptops, whereas USB-C is better suited to power delivery and light connectivity.

What is a USB-C port?

USB-C is connectivity type that transfers power and data (video, audio, etc.) A USB-C port is the slot on a device that the USB-C can be plugged into.

Does iPhone use USB-C?

While most Android devices do use USB-C, iPhone is yet to use it commercially. It uses Lightning, whereas many of the newest iPads do actually support USB-C.