News and Previews

  • New details on Enthusia - Professional Racing emerge

    Konami of Europe has revealed a number of details on its forthcoming racing simulation, including clutch control.

    Posted 2004-12-03T12:30:19Z by Tom Orry

  • Five million Halo 2 owners and counting...

    The long-awaited sequel proves that a lot of people were actually awaiting it. For a long time.

    Posted 2004-12-03T02:02:59Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Nintendo head for the silver screen?

    Former company president Hiroshi Yamauchi suggests that the big 'N' should make movies. Here's hoping that it is nothing like the awful Mario Bros.

    Posted 2004-12-02T12:42:58Z by Adam Jarvis

  • World of Warcraft sets sales records

    Blizzard is happy to announce that World of Warcraft has become the fastest-selling PC game ever in North America; it has sold so well, that servers can't keep up with demand.

    Posted 2004-12-02T12:12:46Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Freedom Force 2 website launches

    Irrational's Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, sequel to 2002's hit superhero game Freedom Force, secures publishing deal.

    Posted 2004-12-02T11:56:28Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Snake Eater gains exclusive Pal game features

    New features set for the European release of Snake Eater. Does it make up for the late Pal release?

    Posted 2004-12-02T11:40:23Z by Tom Orry

  • Two DS titles from Namco availble now for the DS (In the US)

    Lucky gamers in the US can get their hands on two new DS games from Namco.

    Posted 2004-12-02T11:33:05Z by Tom Orry

  • Namco announce 4 titles for the GBA

    Namco has revealed its GBA line-up for the next few months, announcing four new games for the system.

    Posted 2004-12-02T11:29:38Z by Tom Orry

  • Nintendo DS sells 500,000 in its first week

    Nintendo must be laughing all the way to the bank, with 1.3 million handhelds sold in one week.

    Posted 2004-12-01T18:19:50Z by Tom Orry

  • UK charts - all change at top as Christmas sales roll on

    Need for Speed tangos with San Andreas at the top of the chart, while Metroid Prime 2: Echoes fails to make the top 20.

    Posted 2004-12-01T12:19:59Z by Robert Dick