Helldivers 2 players want much-needed change to the Eruptor

Helldivers 2 players want much-needed change to the Eruptor
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There are many weapons in Helldivers 2 to suit every play style and scenario. Unfortunately, with many issues needing fixing in the game, some of these weapons aren’t ideal to use right now. One of these weapons is the Eruptor, which is a major issue that the community wants to see addressed and fixed.

U/SailorsKnot took to Reddit to discuss the bolt action Eruptor and one of its major flaws and calls for Arrowhead Game Studios to fix it saying,

“This may seem small, but I HATE that when the Eruptor is out of ammo you still fully cycle the boltHonestly I’ve probably died because of this dumb BS more than I’m comfortable admitting.”

Going into more detail on how the issue is caused and its effect, they said, “When I’m shooting, I’m not looking at my ammo – I’m listening for the audio queues that tell me I’m low/out (MG magazines have a distinct sound when low, for instance). On the Eruptor, there is NO audio or visual clue indicating that the weapon is out of ammo aside from the ammo icon itself. Literally every time I use it, I dry fire when it hits empty because for some fucking reason the final round in the magazine still causes you to fully cycle the bolt when fired”.

Image Via Arrowhead Game Studios

The Reddit user concluded the post by saying “Why would you do this if there’s no round to chamber? Worse than hiding information, it actually presents false information to the player – if I’ve cycled the bolt fully, a round should be chambered. If I’ve left the bolt open, it means I’m out of ammo. Instead, I cycle the bolt fully, click dry, then get obliterated by a devastator I was aiming at.”

False audio cues can be a detriment and cause you to die easily as you get unexpectedly caught out. This happens with other items such as Stims where the audio plays but if you get hit by an enemy before your health begins to regenerate it cancels the effect, meaning you can sometimes be killed despite seemingly healing yourself. But, it is not just audio cues that are affecting the Eruptor, as other members of the community shared their own experiences with the weapon.

U/Twobits91 noted that when standing too close to an enemy the blast can somehow pull you closer to them rather than pushing you away saying, “What gets me about the eruptor is when you shoot an enemy that is too close and instead of blowing you backward you get pulled towards said enemy, usually getting your head stomped on because you are prone.”

With so many issues plaguing Helldivers 2 right now, hopefully, Arrowhead Game Studios will address many of these problems in the upcoming patch.

The Eruptor is a good weapon, despite this flaw, but the bolt action rifle isn’t for everyone. To find the perfect loadout for you as you take on the Automaton and Terminids, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be in the best position to bring Democracy to the galaxy.