News and Previews

  • Resident Evil 4 dated

    The GC version of the newest addition to the series has been given a confirmed date

    Posted 2004-12-17T13:04:53Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Rockstar's other games

    You may be surprised to hear that Rockstar do have other games in the pipeline

    Posted 2004-12-17T12:28:20Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Reflections founder quits

    Nearly 20 years and one appalling game later, Martin Edmondson stands down

    Posted 2004-12-17T12:10:59Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Snowblind: dated in the US

    Crystal Dynamics' interesting looking shooter finally gets a release date

    Posted 2004-12-17T08:53:00Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Microsoft Sports are no more

    The development team behind Links 2004 is sold to Take-Two Interactive.

    Posted 2004-12-17T02:19:49Z by Tom Orry

  • GTA: San Andreas announced and dated for Xbox and PC

    June 10th 2005 is the date for your diary.

    Posted 2004-12-16T23:10:49Z by Tom Orry

  • MechAssault 2 hits the UK in February

    The MechAssault series continues on the Xbox with the next installment due on February 4th 2005.

    Posted 2004-12-16T14:21:18Z by Tom Orry

  • Funcom offer unique trial for Anarchy Online

    Ever fancied trying a MMORPG, but don't like paying monthly fees, or you don't have a credit card? Then look no further - Anarchy Online can be played for free until January 2006.

    Posted 2004-12-16T10:32:50Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Sacred expansion pack announced

    Ascaron confirm that an expansion pack to the successful Sacred is due out in April 2005.

    Posted 2004-12-16T03:00:17Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Play a game, buy some jeans.

    Will we soon need to fast-forward through 'ad-breaks' in our games?

    Posted 2004-12-16T02:47:12Z by Adam Jarvis