Square Enix has released the latest update for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, allowing you to change the appearance of Noctis if you're sick of his boyish good looks clogging up your screen.

Tho be more specific, you are able to switch up Noctis' face with the appearance of your Final Fantasy XV Comrades avatar, but you can't alter his clothing or gear. In addition, the patch also allows you to share any pictures taken in locations that other players are in. 

As well as rating these images, you can share up to 10 pictures at any one time, and rewards can be earned for your efforts if you manage to rake in a certain amount of likes.

According to a translation of the patch notes on Reddit, players should also be on the lookout for limited-time treasures rearing their heads, which offer up the chance to snag some rare items.

As mentioned, this is for the PC version of the epic bromance RPG; there's no word yet on when console versions can expect the same treatment.

Final Fantasy XV was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2016, and arrived on PC a few months back. The game was a massive success, becoming the fastest-selling Final Fantasy game of all time and selling 7.7 million units globally.

Square Enix has confirmed that more DLC is in the pipeline for a 2019 release.

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