Twitch star xQc signs record-breaking Kick deal that puts most sports contracts to shame

Twitch star xQc signs record-breaking Kick deal that puts most sports contracts to shame
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Notable Twitch streamer Félix Lengyel, more popularly known as xQc, has now signed a $70 million deal with rival platform Kick that’ll make him the highest paid content creator in history. However, according to Lengyel’s agent and Evolved Talent Agency CEO Ryan Morrison, the contract also apparently comes equipped with a few incentives that, if met, could reportedly push the total to approximately $100 million.

Lengyel’s announcement came in the form of a short video that simply contained a montage of some of xQc’s past livestreams along with a few shots of random people as he proceeded to narrate his streaming adventure up to this point. Towards the latter portion of the video, the streamer would finally reveal that he’d signed with Kick by saying that he was “about to go live” on the startup platform. He has since posted the clip on most of his social media accounts including Twitter and YouTube.

It’s worth noting, though, that the two-year deal xQc signed is a ‘non-exclusive contract’, meaning that he can still make content for YouTube and TikTok whenever he wants to. He also still plans to stream on Twitch from time to time, though the bulk of his content will now obviously be available on Kick.

The announcement naturally comes as a huge blow to Amazon-backed streaming platform Twitch as the embattled entertainment company had recently received huge backlash following its string of questionable decisions. This includes the introduction and subsequent revocation of a new set of ad guidelines as well as the implementation of the infamous Partner Plus program.

Unfortunately, this may not be the last time we hear of a high-profile exit from Twitch as several other streamers haven’t been shy about expressing their recent dissatisfaction with the popular platform. Only time will tell if they can keep most of their content creators on board but, for now, they’ll just have to deal with the departure of one of their biggest stars.