Twitch has removed their new ad guidelines after streamers threatened to leave platform

Twitch has removed their new ad guidelines after streamers threatened to leave platform
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Twitch just announced that they’ve decided to remove their new guidelines effective immediately due to the huge backlash that it received as soon as it was released. According to their statement, they’ve described the rules they previously had in place as bad for the community and “bad for Twitch,” which left them with no choice but to get rid of these revisions entirely.

Even though this means that we will no longer be getting a Kick and MrBeast collaboration, this outcome isn’t exactly surprising since several high-profile streamers had threatened to leave the platform upon learning of the new guidelines. Asmongold, a popular Twitch content creator, even told others to boycott the streaming company if they went through with the decision to limit ad revenue.

In addition to revising the Branded Content Guidelines from their site, Twitch went on to state in their announcement that “sponsorships are critical to streamers’ growth and ability to earn income. We will not prevent your ability to enter into direct relationship with sponsors – you will continue to own and control your sponsorship business.” This sudden change of heart is obviously a far cry from what they displayed previously, but this decision to back down to the community’s demands may be for the best.

Unfortunately, it seems that some people still aren’t satisfied as a few commenters are asking Twitch to bring back the “70/30 sub split.” For those unfamiliar, this was the previous revenue share that the streaming platform had in place before they eventually changed it to a greedier 50/50 split recently. This decision predictably didn’t go down well with both fans and content creators so some naturally still want it to return.

However, it still remains to be seen whether Twitch are going to be reintroducing it as these continuous demands may end up being too much for them. If more streamers continue to leave their platform, though, then they may have no choice to but to follow suit so they can keep more talent from walking out the door.