Greedy new Twitch ad guidelines may just force MrBeast to start streaming out of spite

Greedy new Twitch ad guidelines may just force MrBeast to start streaming out of spite
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Twitch just released a brand new set of ad guidelines that limit the amount of income streamers earn from their sponsorships. This would essentially force content creators to have to rely on subscriptions, donations, and merchandise sales as their main form of income since the amount of advertisements that can be displayed while on air would be heavily limited.

Of course, these new changes have been met negatively by the community as many are already outraged with Twitch‘s steep 50/50 revenue split. If these guidelines were to go through, it would only make every streamer struggle even more, which is why several content creators – including MrBeast – are now calling out Twitch in an effort to have them amend these greedy rules.

In a post through his official Twitter account, MrBeast initially chastised Twitch by saying the following: “How about instead of handicapping what creators make, you help them make more? Seems more logical.” The YouTube content creator then went on to respond to a tweet from streaming company Kick, saying that he “might do a stream for fun just to protest Twitch,” which immediately received an outpouring of support from spectators and streamers alike.

Unfortunately for Twitch, this isn’t the only instance of high-profile content creators threatening to protest the streaming company. Both OTK Network and Asmongold have similarly said that they plan on boycotting or leaving Twitch altogether if these guidelines aren’t changed and since these are two of the most popular entertainers on the site, they will undoubtedly bring a ton of viewership out the door with them.

After having experienced the collective wrath of the community as soon as the new rules were released, Twitch immediately sent out a statement saying that they “will rewrite the guidelines to be clearer.” Hopefully, these revisions will feature a much more lenient set of regulations that will allow streamers to earn a respectable income from the site. Otherwise, the streaming company might just see more talent walk out the door for other lucrative opportunities.