XDefiant players say this is why the game is better than Call Of Duty

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XDefiant has become one of the hottest games of 2024 and a breath of fresh air in the FPS game, although it does have some competition with Black Ops 6 which looks to be taking the series back to top form. Despite Black Ops 6 potentially being the best entry in many years, many players are still weary about spending money on it, and for good reason.

U/Sleepyreddits took to Reddit to discuss the reason why they prefer XDefiant to Call of Duty, because all of your purchases are worthless the following year when you move over to the next game. This is a reason that I agree with and is why i won’t spend money on microtransactions in the game.

In the post, they explained their reasoning saying “The thing I like about XDefiant is knowing this grind, skins that I get from battle passes or even things that I buy from the shop won’t ever go away. The game is modeled to live for years so what’s the point of grinding a COD game knowing everything you grind will be worthless a year later and isn’t even guaranteed to transfer over to the next game (especially if you paid for anything)I think I’ve been enjoying XDefiant so much just because I know my grind isn’t completely worthless in the end.”

Game screen showing the Battle Pass rewards in XDefiant. Central panel displays "Weapon XP Booster" and related information to help you level up fast. Below, tiers 5 to 10 showcase various reward icons.
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Many players agreed, with U/Zephyr_v1 saying “This is the main problem with CODs. I loved Cold War but it simply is abandoned nowadays and will be dead in a couple of years. CODs by design has a strict 1 year shelf so I don’t feel like investing no matter how good they may be. With Xdefiant I can safely invest.”

While it is not a guarantee that XDefiant won’t just be shut down one day, which has sadly happened to many great live service games, it does seem like Ubisoft is in for the long haul and is looking to make this one of its flagship titles. Call of Duty games are generally good, with Black Ops 6 looking like one of the best entries in a long time. Players do always have the option to not purchase cosmetics and just buy the base game. And with the games now launching on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox and PC players can avoid buying it and just play it as part of their subscription.

If you’re an FPS player, you likely haven’t been able to move without hearing someone talking about XDefiant recently. If you have yet to play it, now is the perfect time to jump in before Season 1 begins. To help you get started, we highly recommend checking out our beginners tip and tricks guide.

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