XDefiant has a new game-breaking melee bug, but a fix (and progression changes) are on the way

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The jury remains out on XDefiant, as the Ubisoft shooter’s early days have seen it reach exciting highs and disappointing lows. This time, though, it seems the popular FPS has hit another snag after several players reported experiencing a game-breaking glitch that prevents them from actually playing through a match.

Over on Reddit, u/jamesswazz shared a clip of them being unable to sprint, shoot, or use abilities in a match after respawning. Naturally, once this happens, you’ll have no choice but to leave the game, preventing you from gaining the precious XP needed to level the best weapons in XDefiant. And unsurprisingly, player frustration has started to mount, especially after Ubisoft released the widely criticized mastery camo update.

According to Mark Rubin, executive producer of XDefiant, on X/Twitter, this bug only occurs whenever players die while spamming the melee button. Fortunately, Rubin also revealed that the team already has a fix, but they “need to figure out when [they] can release it.” Though the team has yet to reveal when they’ll release the patch, you can likely expect it to arrive sooner rather than later.

In addition to the upcoming melee bug fix, Rubin also announced in a separate post that they will soon release an XDefiant update containing progression changes. This announcement comes after the XDefiant community launched an outpouring of complaints due to what many saw as an unnecessary camo grind increase. Specific details on the upcoming tweaks remain scarce as of writing, but the team will provide more information as soon as it’s available.

Despite the myriad issues players have faced in XDefiant’s first few weeks, its development team has been highly transparent and communicative about the state of the game, and they’ve often provided timely fixes to ongoing issues. And since it’s still barely a month old, you can only expect it to improve as time goes on, especially with the XDefiant Team Deathmatch release date kicking off soon.

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