XDefiant dev addresses community outrage following “horrible” mastery camo update

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Ubisoft’s latest XDefiant patch finally addressed two crucial issues players had often complained about in hit reg and weapon leveling. But even though the community can finally enjoy a smoother netcode and an easier time earning attachments, these improvements have been dwarfed by a new and even bigger problem: a massive increase to Weapon Mastery level requirements. Yes, the camo grind in XDefiant just became ten times harder.

Like CoD, XDefiant has several mastery camos you can earn to show off your skill and expertise in the game. Before you can earn them, though, you’ll have to run the gauntlet by reaching a challenging goal or completing a demanding objective. In the case of XDefiant, you previously needed to reach levels 50, 75, and 100 with your weapons to earn the Bronze, Silver, and Gold mastery camos, respectively. However, following the update, Ubisoft has doubled the targets you need to reach.

Predictably enough, an avalanche of complaints ensued. Some frustrated fans on Reddit even said they were only a few levels away from reaching the Gold camo requirement. Unfortunately, with Ubisoft’s June 18 update pushing the goal line back by a mile, the grind becomes a tedious exercise that not even the most dedicated players might be able to accomplish.

Mark Rubin, executive producer for XDefiant, has since gone on X (formerly Twitter) to address the outpouring of complaints. In a lengthy post, Rubin acknowledged the community’s criticisms: “I know this change may upset some people. And we are always willing to say we didn’t do the right thing and we need to correct [it]. We will own our decisions and will continue to evaluate. That being said, I’d love it if you guys gave this change a fair chance.”

“We want to hear from you whether it’s positive or negative,” Rubin continued. “Also, this whole system is being redone to be more engaging for everyone. It will be a couple of seasons before we see this, but we will be looking at feedback now to improve our future implementation.” Although Ubisoft has yet to indicate whether they’ll make mastery camo grinding easier in XDefiant, Rubin revealed in a separate post that the team is looking at potential solutions, including players earning weapon XP for playing objectives.

All that said, you’ll have to remain patient for now before you can see these potential improvements for yourself. So, while you wait, check out our pages on the best XDefiant loadouts and class setups, as well as the best P90 loadout in XDefiant. This way, you can easily mow through the competition and earn your first XDefiant mastery camo.

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