Xbox Cloud Gaming
Ben Borthwick by on May 27, 2022

Xbox to “pivot away” from current iteration of its in-development standalone Cloud Gaming device

Xbox has confirmed it’s working on a standalone Xbox Cloud Gaming device, but it seems we won’t be getting it as soon as we thought.

Rumours earlier this month claimed that Xbox was working on a stick similar to Google Stadia, and could release it later this year. However, Windows Central has now reported that while the device does exist, Microsoft has now made the decision to explore other avenues first.

An official spokesperson confirmed Windows Central’s report in a statement. “Our vision for Xbox Cloud Gaming is unwavering,” it reads. “Our goal is to enable people to play the games they want, on the devices they want, anywhere they want. As announced last year, we’ve been working on a game-streaming device, codenamed Keystone, that could be connected to any TV or monitor without the need for a console.”

“As part of any technical journey we are constantly evaluating our efforts, reviewing our learnings, and ensuring we are bringing value to our customers. We have made the decision to pivot away from the current iteration of the Keystone device. We will take our learnings and refocus our efforts on a new approach that will allow us to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to more players around the world in the future.”

For now, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for a Xbox Cloud Gaming device. Earlier this month, Xbox & Epic announced they were bringing Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming.


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