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Ben Borthwick by on Aug 5, 2022

Xbox Games With Gold September games predictions

Every month, Xbox Games With Gold offers a number of “free” games for those with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Naturally, this means gamers are eager to know what games are on the horizon. Admittedly, the pickings haven’t been setting things on fire of late, with Xbox shifting much of its focus to Xbox Game Pass.

Still, every now and then there’s some gems to be had – so let’s peer into our crystal ball to try and figure out what games could be on offer in September.

Xbox Games With Gold predictions for September 2022

Our first guess would be adventure Deliver Us the Moon. Originally released for Xbox One back in 2020, it’s a puzzle adventure game where you play as an astronaut set to explore a seemingly abandoned space facility.

There’s a couple of reasons why this might be on offer. First off is that its sequel, Deliver Us Mars, is expected on September 27. It’d be a smart move to get people excited for the sequel by letting them play the original.

In addition, the game recently received an Xbox Series X|S patch, giving the game a spruce up on newer consoles. Of course, this could also mark against it coming to Games With Gold being so recent, but it’d be a nice treat nonetheless.

Our second pick, and it may be a tad optimistic, would be Two Point Hospital. The wacky hospital management game is also about to get a sequel in Two Point Campus this month – but its madcap predecessor is a fantastic game in its own right.

Xbox Games With Gold Xbox 360 Predictions for September 2022

One thing we know for certain is that September will be the last month with a pair of Xbox 360 games. As per an email sent to subscribers, Xbox said they had “reached the limit of our ability to bring Xbox 360 games to the catalogue” and would stop offering them in October 2022. Therefore, we’d like to think a swansong with a fan favourite Xbox 360 game to wave goodbye.

Our pick is Gears of War 2. While there’s rumours that The Coalition may be working on a Master Chief Collection like remaster, we think the original would be a fitting send off as one of the most popular Xbox 360 titles.

We’ll find out for sure when Xbox announce the Xbox Games With Gold for September, probably in the last week of August.


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