Deliver Us Mars dated for September 27 launch

Deliver Us Mars dated for September 27 launch
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Publisher Frontier Foundry has announced that sci-fi adventure Deliver Us Mars will launch on September 27.

The game is the sequel to 2019’s Deliver Us the Moon, but you’ll be playing as a brand new protagonist. Kathy Johanson joins the crew of the Zephry space station, hoping to save a dying Earth. To do so, her crew are supposed to retrieve colonization ships, known as ARKs, which were stolen years earlier.

However, Kathy’s also got her own motivations too. Turns out her father was a member of Outward, the organisation said to have stolen the ARKs. Kathy’s father had to leave her behind as a child, but now a mysterious signal from Mars calls out to her, compelling her to follow it and find out what happened to her father.

As Kathy, you’ll be exploring the surface of Mars, the interiors of the ARK vessels  and icy valleys and abandoned colonies. Doing so you’ll also have to conquer platform challenges, solving tricky puzzles and even a spot of scuba diving. Some of the game won’t even take place on Mars, with sections promised on the Earth and Moon too, promising an interplanetary adventure with a generous helping of family drama.

You can check out a new trailer for the game below. Deliver Us Mars arrives on September 27 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.