Xbox Game Pass is about to get an influx of players once Black Ops 6 launches

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Though news surrounding Treyarch’s upcoming Black Ops 6 has slowed down in the past few days, the hype surrounding the next CoD entry continues to bubble in the background. Aside from the myriad gameplay reveals Activision teased during its extensive Summer Game Fest showcase, its day-one release on Xbox Game Pass also has plenty of fans excited. In fact, the immediate availability of Black Ops 6 on Game Pass could give it a massive influx of players on opening day.

That’s based on several comments below u/sonicfonico‘s Reddit post, where they asked other players if they were “going to subscribe to Game Pass for BO6.” Some, like u/_rekstskrub_, plan to subscribe because it’s “cheaper to buy the pass than the game for the number of months [they’ll] probably end up playing this game.” Conversely, others, like u/DNAevolved115, plan to try it out on Game Pass first before committing to buying Black Ops 6 on Steam.

Of course, Game Pass, despite its price and usefulness in NA and EU, isn’t all that accessible in other countries. Just ask u/BrilliantFennel277, who says “it’s kind of expensive in [their] country” since “a single dollar is worth 60,000 of Iran’s currency.” Unfortunately, this means some players, especially those who reside outside of the Americas and the EU, will be forced to purchase the full game if they want to play it once the Black Ops 6 release date comes around.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Console, PC, and Ultimate Game Pass users will get access to the Black Ops 6 open beta period. So, if you’re still on the fence about pre-ordering the game, subscribing to Game Pass is undoubtedly the cheapest way of trying the game out before purchasing it. While you wait for the pre-release phase to kick off, check out our pages on the return of the Black Ops 6 maps list and Black Ops 6 pre-order bonuses so you can prepare beforehand.

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