Call of Duty Black Ops 6 release date, zombies, and gameplay details announced

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  • CoD: Black Ops 6 will be released worldwide on October 25, 2024.

The Call of Duty Black Ops 6 release date has been confirmed at long last, revealed during a special CoD Black Ops 6 live stream in June. With the new game locked in for Autumn, we have plenty of new details to explore about the next Block Ops game. Here is everything we know about CoD: Black Ops 6, including the release date and new gameplay details.

black ops 6 release date - someone rides a motorcycle over officers with an american flag in the background
Experience a story set in 1990s. Image via Treyarch

When is the Black Ops 6 release date?

The Black Ops 6 release date is set for Friday, October 25 2024. Activision confirmed this launch date during the special Black Ops livestream that aired after the Xbox Live Showcase in June. The showcase, and subsequent blog post by Activision, showed the first look at gameplay, including Zombies and the new story content we’ll experience.

Black Ops 6 gameplay details

As per a blog post on the official Call of Duty website, Raven Software and Treyarch are setting us up for a spy action thriller set in the early 1990s. The post reads: “A period of transition and upheaval in global politics, characterized by the end of the Cold War and the rise of the United States as a single superpower”. As you can expect, this is classic Black Ops we’re dealing with here and we shouldn’t set our hopes too high for the campaign. It sounds like you’ll be on the run from your own government in this game, as you’re embroiled in a conspiracy involving the US Government.

CoD black ops 6 release date - two men shoot at each other while diving
Omnimovement is billed as a way to freely control your character’s dives and slides. Image via Treyarch

It wouldn’t be a CoD game without multiplayer, and we can expect plenty of online mayhem to get involved in. At launch, Black Ops 6 will have 16 multiplayer maps for 6v6 PvP, along with maps for 2v2 modes. The multiplayer mode is where you’ll get to experience what Black Ops 6 is calling “Omnimovement“, which supposedly allows you to “sprint, slide and dive in any direction”. Somehow different, ‘Intelligent Movement’, such as sprinting, mantling, and crouching are all easy to control and do thanks to this feature.

Black Ops 6 Zombies mode

The Zombies mode is coming back in a big way in Black Ops 6, with the return of round-based maps. At launch, there will be two new maps to tackle in Zombies – Terminus and Liberty Falls – and a sprinkling of story beats surrounding the Operatives you play as in this mode. Expect to see returning power-ups, weapons, and more vile monsters to gun down.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows when it launches. Read up on our Black Ops 6 preorders page covering editions and various rewards for getting the game now.

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