Black Ops 6 pre-order bonuses – editions and pricing

Black Ops 6 pre-order bonuses – editions and pricing
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✓ At a glance

Standard edition includes –

  • Early access to the Open Beta.
  • Woods operator pack.

Vault edition includes –

  • Hunters vs Hunted operator pack.
  • Mastercraft Weapon collection.
  • BlackCell.
  • GobbleGum pack for Zombies.
  • Early access to the Open Beta.
  • Woods operator pack.

Black Ops 6 are seriously shaking things up, with a new movement system and original multiplayer maps that take advantage of it. If you want to get your hands on its early access beta first, you’ll need to pre-order the game. But being able to check it out early isn’t the only perk Raven Software and Treyarch are offering to its loyal fans.

Here’s what you need to know about all the editions you can purchase and the pre-order bonuses they offer. You’ll want all the help you can get after clearing the new spy-thriller campaign set in the 90s. While the Vault Edition comes at a premium, longtime CoD fans who want to make their Prestige grind easier should consider the upgrade.

Pre order bonuses

Like previous entries, paying up for the Vault Edition has several neat bonuses. This makes your early game grind easier as you’ll start with new weapons and cosmetics. The Mastercraft collection is a notable highlight alongside the premium Blackcell battle pass for the first season. Players who pre order the standard or vault edition will get early access to the Black Ops 6 open beta. Here’s a detailed list that breaks down all the editions and their rewards:

Pre-order bonusesDescriptionVault EditionStandard or Cross-Gen Edition
Full game downloadAccess to the base game of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.YesYes
Early access to open betaEarly access to the game’s open beta before it opens to new players.YesYes
Woods Operator Pack (for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone 2.0)Classic Woods, Zombie Woods, and Numbers Woods skinsYesYes
Hunters vs. Hunted Operator PackOblivion (for Park), Umbra (for Adler), Warden of Alcatraz (for Brutus), and Reborn (for Klaus) operator skinsYesNo
Mastercraft Weapon CollectionFive weapon blueprintsYesNo
GobbleGum Pack for Zombies12 single-use GobbleGums offering unique in-game effects.YesNo
BlackCellPremium battle pass for one season with 1100 CoD points, exclusive skins, and 20 battle pass tier skips YesNo

How much does each edition cost?

The base game costs $69.99 while the Vault Edition sits at a higher price of $99.99. Now that Activision Blizzard has been acquired by Microsoft, the game will release for Game Pass subscribers right on day one. Here’s a list of all the editions for the game:

  • Black Ops 6 Standard Edition: $69.99 or £57.99
  • Black Ops 6 Cross-Gen Edition: $69.99 or £57.99 (for consoles)
  • Black Ops 6 Vault Edition: $99.99 or £99.99

Where to buy

PC players can access the game on, Steam, and the Microsoft Store. And don’t worry about compatibility as you can play with friends across different PC storefronts. PlayStation and Xbox players can get it via their stores or via Amazon. Get the Cross-Gen Edition to guarantee support between the Xbox One and Series X|S or the PS4 and PS5. The Vault Edition offers this bonus as well. But the main pre-order bonus that all these editions offer is early beta access.

What is in the Mastercraft collection?

You can upgrade from the digital Cross-Gen or Standard Edition to the Vault Edition if you change your mind for $30. This does not apply to physical copies of the game. One of the Vault Edition’s perks is the Mastercraft collection, a selection of ultra-rare weapon blueprints. Here’s what it offers:

  • “Plague Doctor” Blueprint for the AMES 85 assault rifle
  • “Mind’s Eye” blueprint for the combat knife melee weapon
  • “Scourge” blueprint for the Jackal PDW submachine gun
  • “Brainstorm” blueprint for the LR 7.62 sniper rifle
  • “Unrepentant” blueprint for the Marine SP shotgun