World of Warcraft Worldsoul saga revealed, three future expansions already in development

World of Warcraft Worldsoul saga revealed, three future expansions already in development
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In what may have been the biggest announcement of BlizzCon 2023, beloved Warcraft Executive Director Chris Metzen showcased the next storyline for World of Warcraft entitled the Worldsoul Saga. And, much like many of the MMORPG’s past plots, it was also revealed that the Worldsoul Saga will not only be played out in one DLC but over multiple expansions spanning several years.

Following the equally praised reveal of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic installment, Metzen then promised that their team would be delivering these pieces of DLC in a much quicker fashion than the community is used to, though he declined to go into specifics. Luckily, he gave the game’s diehard fans even more to chew on after revealing the names of the first three expansions that will continuously tell the gripping story of the Worldsoul saga.

The first one, entitled The War Within, will see players “descending into the heart of Azeroth itself, exploring new subterranean kingdoms, and engaging with ancient cultures, like the Earthen and the Nerubians.” This initial DLC for the Worldsoul saga will be launched in the Fall of 2024, so Blizzard should be providing more details the farther we get into the following calendar year. To hold you over, take a look at the dramatic announcement cinematic that the developers showcased at BlizzCon 2023.

Chris Metzen then revealed the follow-up expansion to The War Within, called Midnight. In this chapter, players will be “returning to the old world, to the fabled lands of Quel’Thalas,” where the forces of the Void have invaded Azeroth. Finally, the third DLC, entitled The Last Titan, will serve as the climactic cap to this trilogy, as it brings players to the wintery lands of Northrend, where you will then bear witness to the return of the titans of Azeroth.

Specific details and release dates for these expansions have yet to be revealed, but Blizzard will likely be announcing more in the near future. While you wait, check out our recommendations for the best GPU for World of Warcraft, the best Skinning spec in World of Warcraft, and the best Tailoring spec in World of Warcraft.