Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC?

Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC?
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As budding witches and wizards are beginning to enter the Wizarding World in Hogwarts Legacy, fans have already started asking a plethora of questions on the game.

Some of these are about iconic characters from the films and books, like Dumbledore, while others want to know about powerful spells such as Avada Kedavra.

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One question that’s making a frequent appearance (presumably not delivered by owl) is that of whether Hogwarts Legacy will get any DLC in the future.

Luckily, we’ve been making our way around the Floo Network to try and hunt down some answers for you. Here’s what we know.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have DLC?

Unfortunately, there has been no announcement of a new additional DLC for Hogwarts Legacy by Avalanche Studios yet, apart from the Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition bundle first revealed at Gamescom 2022.

Those that didn’t get the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition, however, will be able to purchase the Dark Arts Pack, which is technically considered DLC. This contains additional content such as the Thestral Mount, the Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, and the Dark Arts Battle Arena.

Now the game is out, we’re predicting that it’ll get some DLC by the end of the year, considering the sheer vastness of the Wizarding World and its fanbase – and the fact even before launch it’s become the most watched single player game on Twitch.

There’s also ample room for different narratives and iconic locations, which could lead to a sequel. This leaves us with high hopes for a potential DLC featuring a Quidditch mode and the iconic Chamber of Secrets.

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Now the game is out, you may be wondering if the Deluxe Edition is worth it, we’ve got a lowdown on what’s included here.


Although casting spells is rad, one thing players were really looking forward to was playing Quidditch. Since developers have already confirmed that the magical sport won’t be a part of the game, gamers and fans of Harry Potter, in particular, will have to put their faith in a future DLC.

Hogwarts Legacy DLC FAQs

Will Hogwarts Legacy Have A DLC?

At the moment – there is no indication as to a DLC to the game. Hopefully now the game is out, we’ll hear more in the future.

Why is there no Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy?

Quidditch is not in the game, however it is possible it’ll become a DLC expansion in the game in the future.