Is Hogwarts Legacy Going To Be On Steam?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Going To Be On Steam?
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The arrival of Hogwarts Legacy is upon us and fans worldwide are eagerly to receive their own letter of invitation. However, some are concerned that they won’t be able to play the game at all since plenty of questions are being asked regarding the game’s availability.

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PC loyalists in particular are curious about its inclusion on the popular Windows gaming client, Steam. If you’re planning on getting this title using this specific platform, then here’s all you need to know regarding its accessibility.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be On Steam?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy will be on Steam and is already available for pre-order. Those that opt to pre-order it can earn a variety of bonus in-game items such as the Onyx Hipogriff. As always, both Standard and Deluxe Editions are now purchasable with the latter being $10 more expensive than the former.

The magical open-world entry developed by Avalanche Software will similarly be available on the Epic Games store. Before you purchase this title, though, we recommend double-checking its system requirements to ensure that it runs smoothly.

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Much to the chagrin of PC players, however, PlayStation users will apparently have platform-exclusive content that will only be available to them for one year. These include an additional quest and shop centering around Hogsmeade and a unique cosmetic set as well.

Some fans are understandably frustrated with the decision to make specific content a PS exclusive. Numerous posts regarding the issue have already been published on social media. Most responses are speculating that this may have been made possible because of Sony’s alleged monetary contribution to the publisher, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

Whatever the cause may be, players are still raring to play the game even without the PS exclusive content. Let’s just hope that it lives up to the hype after years of anticipation.

When can I Download Hogwarts Legacy on Steam?

It will be available to download on their official product page on Steam – there is currently not an option to download this yet.

When you can access it depends on when it is available for you to download – many players are accessing Hogwarts Legacy through early access so figure accordingly so you don’t miss out and end up being late!

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Hogwarts Legacy Steam FAQ

Will Hogwarts Legacy be on Steam or Epic Games?

Hogwarts Legacy will be available on both platforms on February 10, 2023 on PC – so yes, there is both the option to download the game on these platforms.

When can I download Hogwarts Legacy on steam?

It will be available to download on their official product page on Steam – there is currently not an option to download this yet.