Is Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy?
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Hogwarts Legacy lets players create their very own customizable character that they can then use within the game. The open world title will also feature some of the more iconic figures that have been featured in both the novels and films.

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Unfortunately, the entire cast list is yet to be revealed so players are still curious to know who exactly is going to be included. Numerous fans in particular want to know if Dumbledore will be making an appearance throughout the game. If you want to know whether the iconic headmaster will be walking the halls of Hogwarts, then we’ve got you covered.

Here’s all that we know about Dumbledore’s inclusion in the game.

Will Dumbledore Be In Hogwarts Legacy?

Dumbledore may make an appearance at some point in the story as the timeline of its events coincide with his stay at the famous academy. Warner Bros. have already revealed that Hogwarts Legacy will be set during the 1890s. Since Dumbledore attended the school between 1892-1899, he will most likely be one of the students you meet if he does end up being included in the game.

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Though the involvement of Dumbledore is still fairly vague, one notable figure has already been established as being a part of the game’s main cast. Phineas Nigellus Black, the ancestor of Sirius Black, will be overseeing the students of Hogwarts during this time. It has also been confirmed that accomplished actor Simon Pegg will be playing the decorated headmaster in the game.


Other significant characters that will be making appearances in Hogwarts Legacy include Nearly Headless Nick and Professor Matilda Weasley. The former will be played by Jason Anthony while the latter is voiced by award-winning actress, Lesley Nicol.

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Hogwarts Legacy Dumbledore FAQ

Could Dumbledore Appear in Hogwarts Legacy?

Never say never, however at this stage he would be one of the students you would meet – not the headmaster presence, which potentially could happen in the future!

Is Dumbledore the headmaster in Hogwarts Legacy?

Dumbledore is not the headmaster in Hogwarts Legacy, as it’s set in the the 1800s, it’s highly likely Dumbledore is a student.