Where to buy Intel 13th Gen CPUs in US, UK, CA, EU *UPDATED*

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*UPDATE 21/10/2022* Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs have now launched – many online retailers have sold out so if you’re wondering where they’re in stock – check out Intel 13th Gen Stock Tracker!

With the release of Intel’s 13th Gen processors now here, we’re looking to answer where to buy Raptor Lake CPUs.

With the release on the 20th October, October saw a great month for tech and gaming enthusiasts as the RTX 4090 joins hardware circulation alongside Intel’s new set of CPUs.

Take a look at our RTX 4090 stock tracker to get yourself a new Nvidia GPU.

Where to buy Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs

We have compiled a list of expected retailers who will have bountiful stock on Intel’s latest processors.

We’re currently seeing many online retailers waving in and out of stock, so most retailers are seeing stock come and go frequently. You just have to be able to front the cost and be quick on the draw.

Retailers of the Raptor Lake CPUs:

If you’re interested in an RTX 4090 & Intel i9-13900KF pre-built gaming PC have a look at this MSI – Infinite RS Gaming Desktop.

Where to buy Intel 13th Gen CPUs US


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Where to buy Intel 13th Gen CPUs UK

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Where to buy Intel 13th Gen CPUs CA

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Where to buy Intel 13th Gen CPUs EU

How much are Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs?

After Intel’s Innovation product reveal event, we were blessed with a breakdown of the new 13th Gen CPU prices.

Hardly differing from Alder Lake prices, consumers won’t be in for many shocks with their price-tags:

The cheapest chip available is the Intel Core i5-13600KF at $309, whereas the most expensive chip the Intel Core i9-13900K will set you back more than double that, at $659.

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What do I need to use an Intel 13th Gen CPU?

In order to upgrade your PC to harness an Intel 13th Gen CPU, you’re likely going to need a new motherboard and DDR5 RAM.

Unless you’re already using a 12th Gen CPU which supports the new LGA 1700 socket, you will need to upgrade your motherboard.

Luckily the Z790 motherboards designed for Intel’s 13th Gen chips are already in circulation. These motherboards use the LGA 1700 chipset, so you can use either 12th or 13th Gen chips with them.

Which Intel 13th Gen CPU should I buy?

This is difficult question to answer, however it really boils down to what usage you’re expecting from your CPU against how much you’re prepared to spend.

If you’re a casual gamer hoping to enjoy immersive 4K gaming, we think that the sweet-spot for you is the i5-13600K or i5-13600KF, both of which are capable of taking on 4K gaming at consistent FPS rates.

If you’re a competitive gamer, those CPUs will also meet your demands with plenty of breathing room, however you may opt for an i7-13700K or i7-13700KF if you’re looking to stream or record content.

Where to buy Intel 12th Gen CPUs?

You may be thinking that the new Raptor Lake releases are a good opportunity for you to grab an older model – namely the 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs.

Check out these deals below:

Where to buy Intel 13th Gen pre-built gaming PCs?

Here are the first couple of pre-built gaming PCs with Intel 13th Gen CPUs and RTX 4090s and 3080s

Intel 13th Gen CPU FAQs

What’s the fastest Intel Raptor Lake CPU?

The Intel Core i9-13900K and Intel Core i9-13900KF are the fastest Raptor Lake CPUs operating at a max boost speed of 5.8GHz.

Will there be stock on Intel 13th Gen CPUs?

There should be bountiful stock on Raptor Lake CPUs releasing this year, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see the same level of price gouging and unavailability as on the RTX 4090.

How much does the 13900K cost?

The highest end product in the Raptor Lake range is the 13900K which will set you back between $580 – $660.

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