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Where is Resident Evil 4 Remake set?

Where does Resident Evil 4 take place
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The environment of Resident Evil 4 Remake plays a huge part in making the game as creepy as it could possibly be. Although the villagers do help out a ton in unsettling players, the revamped entry wouldn’t be the same without the presence of its decrepit structures and desolate villages.

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For this reason, players often wonder where the game is actually set in as it still remains unclear to this day. Luckily, we’ve found the answer for you so all you’ll have to do now is to keep reading on to find out where it takes place.

Where does Resident Evil 4 Remake take place?

Both the Resident Evil 4 Remake and the original are set in an unnamed rural village in Spain filled with infected villagers. Unfortunately, the exact name of the location hasn’t been specified by Capcom throughout the years so it’s still unclear if it was inspired by a real life area.

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It’s worth noting, though, that during the development of the classic 2005 title, game director Shinji Mikami and his team apparently spent nearly two weeks in certain parts of the UK and Spain in order to gain inspiration for their game’s setting. With this in mind, the Spain seen in RE4 may not actually be based on a real location. Instead, it was simply born from the creative minds of those involved with its creation.

However, the main reason as to why the story takes place in this particular European locale is because Ashley Graham, the in-game US president’s daughter, has been kidnapped by the previously mentioned locals. As one of the country’s elite government agents, Leon was then chosen to retrieve “Baby Eagle” from these crazed villagers.

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