Is Resident Evil 4 Remake Multiplayer?

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Playing Resident Evil 4 Remake can often be an unsettling experience for some, which is why a few players often ask whether the game has a multiplayer mode available.

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Even though this wasn’t actually a feature that was included in the original entry, there’s still a possibility that it could be included in Capcom’s latest revamped creation. For this reason, we’ll be taking a look at the modes that are included within the game and whether or not multiplayer is one of them.

Does Resident Evil 4 Remake have multiplayer?

Sadly, the Resident Evil 4 Remake campaign does not have a multiplayer mode so you will have to take on the crazed villagers by yourself. It’s worth noting, though, that you will occasionally be assisted by some of the other characters in the game, such as the eccentric Luis Sera. You will also be accompanied by the Baby Eagle herself, Ashley Graham, even though she doesn’t actually help you in combating the enemies within.

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Since this was a feature that also wasn’t available with the original entry, it was always unlikely that it would included in the remake. The game’s story is primarily tailored towards being a single-player experience, which means that a cooperative mode, although helpful, would largely take away from how it’s meant to be played.

Once The Mercenaries DLC does eventually arrive in the future, however, those that plan on playing it should be able to enjoy it with other fans online as well. The only problem is that the developers are yet to provide an actual release date for it so players looking for a co-op mode will have to wait indefinitely for the time being.

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