What are Insured Weapons in DMZ?

What are Insured Weapons in DMZ?
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DMZ mode is Warzone 2’s new high-stakes match type where you risk losing each item that you bring in. Firearms that you can acquire throughout the match, called Contraband Weapons, can easily be won but can just as quickly be lost.

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If you die in a match or are unable to exfiltrate, each item that you have in your inventory will be lost permanently except for one. This will be your Insured Weapon, which every DMZ player can bring in a match. Here’s all that you need to know about this particular in-game mechanic.

How do Insured Weapons work in DMZ?

Insured Weapons are firearms that you won’t lose even if you die during a DMZ run. Every player will have one designated Insured Weapon slot that can be used when first starting out in Warzone 2’s new mode.

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This slot then allows you to bring a personal loadout weapon or a Weapon Blueprint to a DMZ match and protects them from being permanently lost. In addition, Insured Weapons become inaccessible for a certain amount of time if you’re unable to exfiltrate from a match. You can, however, speed-up the cooldown by using extracted cash and valuables.

How to get additional Insured Weapon Slots in DMZ?

You can earn more Insured Weapon Slots by leveling-up with factions according to a post from Infinity Ward. There will be three factions that players can choose from in DMZ: the Legion, White Lotus, and the Black Mous. Every player begins this game mode with the Legion as their starting faction while the other two can be unlocked by accomplishing Faction Missions.

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The completion of Faction Missions allows you to progress through a Faction’s Mission Tiers. Consistently advancing through the ranks will eventually allow you to unlock more rewards including additional Insured Weapon Slots.

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