How to Unlock Guns in DMZ – Contraband Weapons explained

How to Unlock Guns in DMZ – Contraband Weapons explained
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DMZ mode is a new game type in Warzone 2 reminiscent of other FPS titles such as Escape from Tarkov. In it, players are deployed at random points around the new Al Mazrah map wherein their tasks will be to collect items, complete objectives, and successfully escape via extraction.

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Players will need to know how to unlock guns in DMZ in order to survive. Even more important is understanding what Contraband Weapons are and how they work in the game. Here’s all that you need to know about weapons in this new mode.

What are Contraband Weapons?

Contraband Weapons are any weapon found within DMZ, which include those looted from other operators or those found throughout the map. These are your main means of protection from other players. However, these can also be permanently lost if you die before extraction.

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Once you’ve been extracted from a match with a Contraband Weapon in tow, this unlocks it across all other game modes. You will also have access to Weapon Blueprints within DMZ which, luckily, are not lost upon death. Instead, they become inaccessible for a few hours if you die during a game.

How to Unlock Contraband Weapons in DMZ

Contraband Weapons can be acquired by searching for it throughout the map or by engaging in combat and looting it from other operators. Whatever is in your inventory once you’re extracted can then be placed into your storage afterwards.

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The storage system in particular rewards players that are able to exfiltrate successfully with an ideal inventory and loadout. This is because you’ll be able to access and re-use the items that you previously acquired in all future matches.

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