Call of Duty Warzone lobbies to increase to 120 players

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 4 is almost here and is set to bring plenty of new content to the game including a new Battle Pass, new and returning weapons, and a collaboration with Mobile Suit Gundam. Ahead of the release of Warzone Season 4, it has been announced that the lobby size is set to increase for the first time since 2023.

Raven Software took to social media to announce that the current Warzone map is seeing an increase in its player count and will now be at 120 players compared to the previous 100. This news comes following the first reveal trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 6, which has now been confirmed to be launching on day one on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC.

When Warzone first launched the lobby size was 150 before being reduced to 100 where it has remained ever since. It did briefly see a 200-player count for an LTM, although the servers struggled to cope with it. With the increase to 120, it does beg the question of whether we will eventually see the player count return to its original 150.

Many players took to social media to praise this decision, with streamer @Fluxuryy calling the change a “Big W!” But, not everyone is happy with the news, with many pointing to the current server latency and understandably being worried that it could cause further server issues, with @swagceus saying “I think would be best to keep it at 100 players. WZ has awful latency, with lag and server disconnects being a semi-frequent thing. The more players in a session, the worse the game performs.”

Raven Software didn’t get any information regarding when this change will be made, but Warzone is set to begin Season 4 tomorrow, May 29th, so it is possible we could see it implemented very soon. Or if not then likely the mid-season update.

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