by on Mar 9, 2021

Watch Dogs Legion’s online modes go live on Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia

The first wave of Watch Dogs Legion's online modes are now live in the open-world hack-em-up for Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles and Google Stadia, Ubisoft has announced.

The modes currently live include free-roam open world co-op allowing you and up to three friends to team up and explore London, as well as take parts in city events, challenges and side activities. New co-op missions that use exclusive co-op mechanics across several iconic landmarks are also available as well as PvP mode Spiderbot Arena. 

This will followed up by the first four-player Tactical Op on March 23 entitled "Leader of the Pack" – this was originally due to arrive today, but was postponed over the weekend when a game breaking bug was found. The PC version will also have to wait a little longer for the online modes having also suffered a delay, with Ubisoft promising more news at a later time.

Today will also see two exclusive singleplayer missions for owners of the game's Season Pass – Guardian Protocol which sees your agents take on a rogue AI that's weaponising drones, while Not in Our Name has Deadsec going up against a secret group using their name to aid a ruthless tabloid owner. 

You can check out a launch trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion's online modes below, which are live in the game now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia.



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Watch Dogs: Legion

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06 March 2020