Ubisoft have confirmed they're investigating a reported leak of the Watch Dogs: Legion source code by hackers that has alledgedly been released onto the internet.

As reported by Dark Side of Gaming, the source code was supposedly originally stolen back in October, with ransomware gang "Egregor" claiming that they had stolen the data directly from the internal networks of Ubisoft. According to the same outlet, the code has now been leaked online less than a week after the game's official release on various private trackers after Ubisoft failed to meet the group's demands.

In a statement given to Eurogamer, a spokesperson from Ubisoft has said "We are aware of the group's claim and are currently investigating a potential data security incident." 

The source code is reportedly around 560GB in size—and, if true—though could be used by modders to create mods for the game, also could potentially be used for more nefarious means such as bypassing the game's anti-piracy measures or even to bypass anti-cheat systems in the game's upcoming multiplayer modes, so hopefully Ubisoft can deal with this situation swiftly.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with next-gen releases for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 over the next couple of weeks. You can check out what we thought of the game over here.

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