Watch Dogs 2's "explicit" vagina has been removed from the game, Ubisoft has said.

The genitalia was patched out via a new 1.4 title update released this weekend after attracting widespread attention shortly after the game's launch. 

Ubisoft says that both male and female nudity will still appear in the game, however, and that it has only patched the "particularly explicit" NPC model. One PS4 user who shared a screenshot of the naughty NPC was temporarily banned from PSN by Sony, although the ban was lifted shortly after.

Alongside the NPC change, the 1.4 update is also said to improve PS4 Pro performance, helping the framerate stick to its 30fps target on Sony's new console, and fix various other bugs, including a glitch that can cause players' phone apps to disappear.

Watch Dogs 2 debuted at No.2 in this week's Top 40 Charts after failing to knock Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare off the top spot.


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