Warzone Mobile will get shared player & weapon progression and more

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The upcoming Warzone Mobile is set to allow fans of the Call of Duty battle royale spinoff a whole new way to play the shooter in their pocket.

However, long time fans may be wondering if they can take with them some of their progress from the home console and PC versions of the game into the mobile version.

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As per a loading screen for the game shared by CharlieIntel – the mobile game will feature Shared Player Level, Shared Weapon Progression and Shared Content.

The first of these means that you should be able to level up in Warzone Mobile, MW2 and both the Battle Royale and DMZ modes, and that’ll persist across all the games, including any weapon unlocks and attachments.

It also appears to mean that if you buy the Battle Pass on any of the platforms, you should still have access to that same content no matter where you are.

We should note that this is yet to be detailed by Activision how this will work – but it’s good news for those hoping to retain their player progress across all the current games in the Call of Duty family.

Earlier this month, we also found out that Warzone Mobile will include a Multiplayer mode on top of the expected Battle Royale mode, with Activision Blizzard also offering the Shoot House map should the game achieve enough pre-registrations.

There’s no specific release date for Warzone Mobile just yet – but it’s expected to launch for both iOS and Android at some point in 2023.

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