Warzone 2 DMZ updates for Season 2 detailed in latest developer blog

Warzone 2 DMZ updates for Season 2 detailed in latest developer blog
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Infinity Ward has released a new batch of updates for their popular Warzone 2 extraction mode, DMZ. Most of the changes made to CoD’s latest match offering focuses on bringing additional enjoyable content in order to entice more players to join in.

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Based on the developer’s latest blog post, the most significant features being introduced with the arrival of Season 2 is the new map that players can drop into called Ashika Island. The brand new exclusion zone also contains a variety of fresh elements, such as a new Weapon Case, a threatening boss named The Bombmaker, and new dangerous areas to explore. Ashika Island will similarly be available in Warzone 2 as the Resurgence map.

The developers have also finally stated where you’ll be able to find Access Cards for Building 21. Those looking to get into the exclusive structure will need to look for cards in S.A.M. Site Crates, Chopper Boss Crates, Buy Stations, and Legendary (Orange) Crates. There are also most likely going to be new faction missions although they are yet to be explicitly announced.

Infinity Ward had also previously announced a reset and Faction Mission Refresh, which apparently means that Contraband Weapon Inventories will be rolled back to starting weapons, Key Inventories will be emptied, and Faction Mission lists will be reset to make way for a new batch of objectives that takes place in all available Exclusion Zones.

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A fourth faction called Crown is also apparently being added, which may mean more unique missions that can be undertaken as soon as they’re available. The most important changes, however, are those that have been made to the bots within the map as they’ve been tuned to make taking them down more manageable.

All of the upcoming changes seem very promising, but it’s still currently unclear how the community feels about these changes as a whole.