*UPDATED* How to invite friends on Warzone 2 – social bug fixed

*UPDATED* How to invite friends on Warzone 2 – social bug fixed
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Infinity Ward has now deployed a fix to a bug in Warzone 2 and MW2 that saw players unable to add cross platform friends to their squads in the game without the use of a workaround.

According to the official Twitter – any players still continuing to face issues should restart their game so that the fix can be applied to their game.

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We’ll keep our workaround guide in case things go awry again, but first here’s the intended way to add cross platform friends to your squad in Warzone 2.

How To Invite Friends To Your Squad On Warzone 2

From the game’s main menu – head to the Social Menu. You can reach this either by pressing the right thumbstick in (on console) or pressing Menu and then Social.

Then, shuffle along to the Friends tab. Here, you should see a list of your friends, starting with those playing Warzone 2 and MW2, below. By default, this list will already be populated with your same-console friends.

To add someone playing elsewhere, look for the big button that says “Add Friends” which will bring up the screen below. Then, you want to add their Call of Duty/Activision ID.

This is a different ID from their console account – and includes a name followed by a unique ID number. Make sure to get both parts exactly right. Then, hit ‘Send Request’

You should’ve picked your own when you signed up for a Call of Duty/Activision account – and if you’ve not got one yet, you can sign up here. Be sure to tie your console and PC accounts you intend to play Warzone 2 and MW2 on to the Activision account.

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If your friend accepts, and is online, they should appear in the previous menu. Now it’s just a case of selecting their name, and choosing ‘Invite to Squad’ – and you should be all set to choose a game mode and get into the game.

If this method doesn’t work for whatever reason – you may want to try the route explained below.

Warzone 2 Friends List/Social Menu Bug Explained

Previously, players were struggling to join on or invite their cross platform friends to their squad – thanks to a nasty bug that effected the game at launch.

However, at the moment, while players can add cross-platform friends, currently when they go to invite them, even hovering over the name of someone not playing on the same platform as them kicks them back to the menu.

Raven Software worked on fixing this bug as a priority, adding it to their Trello board for the game.

However, in the interim, enterprising gamers found a temporary workaround that you may want to give a go if the normal method doesn’t work.

How To Add Friends On Warzone 2 – Social Menu Bug Workaround

With credit to Netoxicky on Reddit, the stopgap solution is fairly straightforward. First, open up your game menu, but instead of Social head to Channels – represented by a headphones symbol.

There, you should see an existing channel for your party at the top. Click this, then select ‘Invite to Channel’ – you’ll then see your friends list, including your off-platform friends.

Just select your friend from this list, hit send and the game should invite them to your channel and party. Basically, you’re just creating an in-game party, but it’s a decent enough fix until an official one is released.

We tried this ourselves, when one PlayStation member of our squad struggled connecting with three others on Xbox, and can confirm it worked a treat. In fact, we even won the subsequent match.

Warzone 2 is available now – and you can check out what game modes it offers right over here.

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