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Best Assault Rifles In Warzone 2

Warzone 2

Call of Duty Warzone 2 has arrived, bringing the Call of Duty Battle Royale experience surging back to popularity.

Naturally, players are going to want to get the edge on their opponents right away, and we’re on hand to help. We’re going to walk you through the best weapons in each class for Warzone 2, starting with Assault Rifles, so you’ll be going into every match as well-armed and prepared as possible. 

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When Warzone 2 updates, we will constantly update and tweak this article, to ensure you’re kept up to date with the meta Warzone 2 assault rifles.

Warzone 2 Best Assault Rifles: M4 

Warzone 2 Assault Rifle: M4
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

The M4 has always been the reliable, standout Assault Rifle in both Modern Warfare and Warzone, and its inclusion in Warzone 2 is no exception. There are few areas that the M4 doesn’t perform well in, and it’ll serve you as well in your first Warzone 2 match as it will in your hundredth.  

The M4’s rate of fire and damage are both exceptional, and it’s hardly slacking in the range department either. If you’re struggling to pick a weapon in Warzone, the M4 is always a good choice to return to. 

Warzone 2 Best Assault Rifles: M16 

Warzone 2 Assault Rifle: M16
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

The M16’s irregular burst fire might put it at a slight disadvantage when matched up against full-auto weapons at close range, but that in no way diminishes this Assault Rifle’s overall effectiveness in Warzone 2. 

Timing with the M16 is everything, as making the best use of your three-round burst is an absolute necessity. Once you master the rhythms of the firing patterns, you’ll be able to maximise the M16’s impact, ensuring that your shots connect as often as possible.

At its best, the M16 is a deadly long-range tool that will allow you to pick opponents off in relative safety. 

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Warzone 2 Best Assault Rifles: Kastov-74u 

Warzone 2 Assault Rifle: Kastov
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

If you’re less of a long-distance Warzone player, preferring to get into the mix with messy, adrenaline-spiking firefights, then the Kastov will absolutely be your weapon of choice. It trades out some of the long-range potential and broad ease-of-us of most Assault Rifles in Warzone 2, but what it gains in return is a blistering rate of fire and an incredible mid-short range game. If you manage to close the distance at all with your opponents, the Kastov is more or less guaranteed to make short work of them. 


Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

Using full-auto can be a dangerous game in Warzone. Deadly bursts of fire will absolutely drop your opponents if they connect but keeping your shots on target is easier said than done. But the TAQ-56 retains the speed and power of most full-auto weapons while balancing it out with surprisingly excellent recoil control. If you want to keep your shots on target while wielding the maximum power of an AR, the TAQ-56 will serve you well. 

STB 556 

STB 556
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

Similar to the Kastov-74u, the STB 556 is an AR that has adapted some of the speed and up-close functionality of an SMG. This weapon’s long-distance gameplay does not suffer drastically in Warzone 2, but close-quarters engagements are where it really shines. Provided you can move up on your opponents, you’ll be practically outmatched with the STB 556. 

Warzone 2 Assault Rifle FAQ 

What is the best Assault Rifle in Warzone 2? 

The M4, M16, Kastov-74u, STB 556 and Taq-56 are the best performing Assault Rifles currently in Warzone 2