Warframe gets its Angels of the Zariman expansion update later this month

Warframe gets its Angels of the Zariman expansion update later this month
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Digital Extremes has dated the next update for free-to-play shooter Warframe with Angels of the Zariman arriving on April 27.

The new update is the sequel to the game’s The New War expansion. As such, players will have had to have completed that to embark upon this new campaign. We’re promised this chapter will provide some new insights into the origin of the Tenno. It’ll include a brand new Quest, a new Warframe, new mission types and more.

The three new mission types for Warframe players will also grant them access to the new Chrystalith social hub. They’ll have their own apartment to customise with a bunch of plants, furniture and more. Once that’s done, players can jump into the three new mission types – Void Flood, Void Cascade and Void Armageddon – directly from the hub. If they complete enough of these missions, they’ll be able to unlock new rooms to customise.

A new vendor can also be found in the Zariman Chrystalith offering Evolving Weapons. They’ll have a pistol, rifle and tonfa to pick from, each of them with different modifications that can be unlocked by completing specific challenges. Once you’ve done so, you can modify these weapons to suit your playstyle as you wish. No word yet on if the new content will include new Warframe codes for free weapons or equipment.

Finally, the Angels of the Zariman chapter will also introduce some new customisation options in the form of Voidshell Skins. There’ll be a variety of collections of these Skins at launch, including ones based around Saryn, Volt and Rhino. You can check out a trailer for the content down below or find out more on the game’s website. The Angels of the Zariman update arrives on April 27 for Warframe across all formats.