Warframe patch notes has fans wanting this buff

Warframe patch notes has fans wanting this buff
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Warframe’s Update 33.5 dropped on Wednesday and while the update brought a load of new content to the game and addressed a large number of bugs, players are taking to social media in the hopes of encouraging Digital Extremes to buff Kullervo’s Overguard.

Taking to Reddit, user Mr_Jackabin noted that “In a game where Mesmer Skin/Shield exists, Kullervo’s Overgaurd needs huge buffs.” Explaining in more detail, they pointed out that if the feature scaled with damage reduction, removed the 5,000 cap and gave a “brief invincibility on casting his 2,” the ability would be much better to use.

Another user was quick to note that, “Defensives in this game are poorly designed. They should first acknowledge the endgame exists (or should exist, and balance most content around it), or things like this will continue to happen.” Adding on to the previous player’s comments user One-Cellist5032 said, “The problem is for whatever reason games like Warframe, PoE, etc seem totally fine with you vaporizing the entire screen at will. But then act like having any level of non-cheesy feeling(IE shield gate) defence would make the game trivial. So you then end up in this weird position where like 90% or the defensive options are just bad because they can’t possibly scale to the point the enemies do.”

Other players praised Kullervo but were looking forward to any Overguard changes planned in the future with one player saying, “I’m excited for the overguard changes. Kullervo feels fxxxxxg awesome to use so once he has a defensive option thats more useful as a sheer curtain dropped over his head it’s gonna be great.” Another player shared Mr_Jackabin’s sentiment saying, “If they make armour work on overguard and adaptation too while also increasing or removing his 5k cap he would be good.”

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