Soulframe is an upcoming fantasy action-MMORPG from the creators of Warframe

Soulframe is an upcoming fantasy action-MMORPG from the creators of Warframe
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Warframe developer Digital Extremes has revealed it’s creating a new spin-off MMORPG in a fantasy setting, entitled Soulframe.

The Canadian studio made the announcement during this year’s TennoCon 2022 event. The new game will take place in a fantasy setting, as opposed to Warframe‘s more sci-fi bent. The game’s creative director Geoff Crookes explains more: “With Soulframe’s worldbuilding and thematic elements, we are really looking to go back to our childhood favourites and pull inspiration from the elaborate fantasy worlds that we fell in love with growing up.”

The new game will explore the ideas of “nature and humanity colliding” as well as “ideas of restoration and exploration”. It’s early days in development yet though, so we’ve yet to see how those will come into practice. We did get a statement-of-intent-type trailer, however, that does give us a good idea of what to expect.

There are certainly some parallels to Warframe in the armour designs, as a mysterious character awakens on a beach. It pretty soon plants itself firmly in the realm of magic however, with mystical creatures aplenty. It also appears magic will be a big part of combat too, with spells presumably taking the place of Warframe’s abilities.

We don’t know how long we’ve got to wait to see how it plays in practice, sadly, as no date or indeed platforms were given. However, if you’re keen you can sign up now to reserve your in-game name and declare your envoy over here. We do know that Soulframe will be free-to-play when the action MMORPG launches.