Vampyr trailer sinks its fangs into Jonathan Reid’s epic tale

Vampyr trailer sinks its fangs into Jonathan Reid’s epic tale
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Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have released a blood-curdling new Vampyr trailer for you to feast your eyes on, this time delving deeper into the origins of protagonist Jonathan Reid’s vampiric affliction.

Vampyr takes place in London in the year 1918, at a time where the city was gripped by a deadly Spanish Flu epidemic. Reid, a doctor, would normally be pretty busy around this time by helping out London’s citizens, were it not for the fact he’s been hit by nasty bug himself: Vampirism.

So begins the core game loop, where players must wrestle with their conscience on whether or not to spare the needy or feed on them to buff your supernatural abilities. Naturally, you’ll also spend a fair bit of time getting into a ruck with the various nasties that populate London’s cobbled streets, with Reid able to mix it up in combat with conventional weapons and attacks that utilise his undead powers. 

Vampyr is due out for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on June 5. Check out the story trailer below.