Valve warns against modding the Steam Deck

Valve warns against modding the Steam Deck
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Valve has warned Steam Deck users against modding their devices, saying that doing so will significantly shorten the console’s lifespan.

Users have been modding the console, in order to replace its SSD. Valve designer Lawrence Yang responded to an article (via Eurogamer) informing readers how to do this, saying:

“Hi, please don’t do this. The charger IC gets very hot and nearby thermal pads should not be moved. In addition, most 2242 m.2 drives draw more power and get hotter than what Deck is designed for. This mod may appear to work but will significantly shorten the life of your Deck.”

So consider yourself warned. You don’t want your Steam Deck melting. In other recent Steamy news, Valve released a video of none other than Gabe Newell delivering the first units. Plus, when the machine launched, back in February, users got a free game with it. It was Aperture Desk Job, a Portal spin-off that had you sitting behind a desk an inspecting things. Check out the trailer below:

The description reads:

“Desk Job reimagines the been-there-done-that genre of walking simulators and puts them in the lightning-spanked, endorphin-gorged world of sitting still behind things. You play as an entry-level nobody on their first day at work—your heart full of hope and your legs full of dreams, eager to climb that corporate ladder. But life’s got other plans, and they all involve chairs.”