Aperture Desk Job
Ben Borthwick by on Feb 28, 2022

Aperture Desk Job is a free Portal spin-off to mark the launch of Steam Deck, out tomorrow

Valve has announced the surprise release of Aperture Desk Job tomorrow to mark the launch of the Steam Deck.

As per the description, the game is is described as a “free playable short”. The description playfully teases the game as a reimagining of the walking simulator to see you sitting still behind things. You’ll be playing as a nameless employee of the Aperture Science company from the Portal games. Taking on various tasks, you’ll get to inspect a range of wacky products from the fictional labs.

The main purpose of the short is as a showcase for the recently released Steam Deck. Officially, the portable PC/console hybrid launched on Friday, with the first sets being sent out to those who pre-ordered early. However, as actual devices are rolling out across the year thanks in part to the global pandemic, you’ll still be able to play on any PC that meets the specs.

It may be short, but as it’s free it’s a nice little treat for those wanting more from the Portal universe. It’s been a good month for Portal fans, mind. A couple of weeks ago Valve announced the Portal: Companion Collection will bring the series to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

For now, you can check out a trailer for Aperture Desk Job down below. The game will launch for PC tomorrow, March 1 exclusively via Steam.


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Aperture Desk Job

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Aperture Desk Job

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01 March 2022