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Ben Borthwick by on Mar 1, 2022

Valve releases video of Gabe Newell hand-delivering the first Steam Deck machines

Valve has marked the launch of the Steam Deck with a new video in which company boss Gabe Newell hand-delivers the first machines to lucky locals.

The video takes place in and around Valve’s home location of Seattle. We get to see some slightly confused people have Newell come up to their doorstep to hand them their package.  The famed developer also signed a number of the machines before handing them over to the fortunate early adopters.

The machine itself officially launched on Friday, and is rolling out to the first customers this week. Announced last July, the Steam Deck is essentially a portable PC that comes in three varieties, with 64GB eMMC, 256GB NBMe SSD and 512 NVMe SSD versions available. It also includes a custom AMD processor, thumbsticks and a trackpad, along with a touch screen.

Valve have said they won’t create any Steam Deck exclusive games. However, a special Portal-themed “short” is being released later today. Aperture Desk Job is billed as a showcase of the system, and will be free to download via Steam. There’s still a bit of a waitlist for the Steam Deck, but signing up now should nab you a system by Q2 2022.

Check out the video of Gabe Newell hand-delivering the first Steam Deck machines for yourself down below.


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