by on Apr 13, 2018

THQ Nordic missing E3 in favour of FIFA World Cup 2018

THQ Nordic will not be attending E3 this year as it’s instead decided to kick back and indulge in a spot of The Beautiful Game by watching the FIFA World Cup. And no, this is not a joke; they even sent out a press release confirming as much.

I didn’t even know there was a World Cup this year, although I’ll freely admit the last time I routinely sat down to watch a game of football was back when Vinnie Jones was still grabbing people by the Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, the World Cup takes place between June and July, which means it clashes with E3; as such, THQ Nordic won’t be packing its bags for Los Angeles this year.

‘We have to admit, we are going to miss our 9 AM pint of beer in the “Ye Olde King’s Head“Pub in Santa Monica, where they show all matches live, but with the World Cup being held in Russia, it would mean a 7 AM beer – that’s too early, even for Austrians, let alone the Swedes,’ said the publishing giant.

Where does this leave THQ’s currently slate though? Well, all is not lost. The company confirmed that while it won’t be strutting its stuff at E3 in June, it will be out in full force at Gamescom later this summer, as well as PAX West soon after, so there’s still plenty of opportunity to catch a glimpse at the likes of Darksiders 3 and Fade to Silence.

Props to THQ Nordic for their honesty, eh? 


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