The live action Resident Evil Netflix series gets a full trailer ahead of next month’s launch

The live action Resident Evil Netflix series gets a full trailer ahead of next month’s launch
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Netflix has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming live action Resident Evil series, coming in July.

While the series is obviously based on Capcom’s zombie franchise of the same name, it won’t follow the games too closely. In fact, the show is said to be set almost three decades after the discovery of the T-Virus. We’ll be following Wesker’s daughters, Jade and Billie. They’ve been brought to New Raccoon City by their father, played by Lance Reddick.

Things go wrong, of course, and we’ll witness the downfall of New Raccoon City. However, it won’t be the only thing we’ll see in the series as apparently the action will also jump to 14 years later. There, we’ll follow Jade trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters. Funnily enough, despite the looser ties to the game series, it looks like this might be the adaptation with the most monsters lifted from the games yet.

In addition to the classic Zombies and Lickers, the trailer shows off some T-Virus mutated giant spiders. There’s also an appearance from what we reckon is their take on Resident Evil 3‘s infamous Gravedigger boss. So far, the other live action adaptations have avoided the bug-based monsters, so it’s an interesting course to take. We’ll see if, as the series goes on, it borrows any more classic Resi monsters yet to make their live-action debuts.

We don’t have long to find out, at any rate. The live action Resident Evil series premieres on Netflix on July 14. It’s picked an excellent time too, coming after Capcom finally announcing the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4 last week.