The Helldivers 2 community honors a fallen Helldiver

The Helldivers 2 community honors a fallen Helldiver
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Within the first month of Helldivers 2 being released it sold over eight million copies, and that number has only continued to grow. Hundreds of thousands of players jump into the game every day to work together to spread democracy to the galaxy, often teaming up with people they have never met but share the same common goal. Unfortunately, not all of the Helldivers make it home and some have sadly been lost along the way, including Luce, a level 53 Helldiver that went by the handle ‘Fire and -ice-.’

U/Ghostga took to Reddit to share the sad news that a fellow Helldiver has fallen with a post titled “My Friend, Luce, passed away recently from a car crash and she was an avid Helldivers 2 player, getting every achievement and getting all the way to level 53. Rest in peace Luce.”

Helldivers 2 crossplay: Two soldiers bump heads on the battlefield. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios.
Image via Arrowhead Game Studios.

The Helldivers 2 community has come together to pay tribute to Luce with a sea of Helldivers 2 GIFs in the comments saluting the fallen soldier. Some other players gave more personal tributes, including u/ArtistAncient7924 who said,

“We are truly sorry for your loss. She fought in the name of managed Democracy and now she will rest in the light of liberty. We truly thank her for the amazing work and enthusiasm she had for diving. Let’s make these binary speakers regret in her name!”

U/Joy1067 is paying tribute to Luce during the current Major Order saying “Next bug hole I see, I’m tossing a grenade in for Luce,” while u/Ghostly-Terra also gave their condolences saying “The SES Hammer of Dawn shall launch a 380mm Barrage as a Multigun salute to the fallen.”

U/Administrative-Cod60 delivered a beautiful eulogy honoring the fallen Helldiver saying,

“We are sorry to announce we have lost one of our own. Skull Admiral Luce “Fire and Ice” [Name Redacted for Privacy] Has been killed in Action. Her Cryostasis pods were lost in Marfark. The Automatons have managed to overrun her silo. She will not be forgotten. She will be avenged. A special Team of Elites has been deployed to render justice to these malevolent entities. We DEFEND Planets, We LIBERATE the weak from Tyranny. We spread DEMOCRACY and LIBERTY. No matter the place, no matter the time we will turn heaven and hell, the good place and the bad place to protect and avenge our own…
For we are… THE HELLDIVERS!!!!”

The Ministry of Science is finishing the testing of new systems for our arsenal. An announcement will be made when it becomes available.


Last month, Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt paid tribute to another fallen soldier who sadly lost their life saying,

“I am so sorry for your loss. My battle brother of 20 years passed away three years ago. To this day I still see his username on Discord, Steam, and other platforms and fondly remember the many fond gaming memories we shared. I will speak to the team on how to remember one of the fallen. As my grandma said: ‘Sorgen är för de som lever kvar,'” which translates to “grief is for those who are still alive.”

From me, the SES Halo of Truth sends its deepest sympathies to u/Ghostga and the friends and family of Luce. Every Terminid eradicated in today’s Major Order will be done so in her honor.