The Finals Season 3 battle pass has 96 rewards

The Finals Season 3 battle pass has 96 rewards
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The Finals Season 3 is only a couple of days away from beginning. It was shown off at Summer Game Fest 2024, and there are many exciting elements to eagerly anticipate. These include a new map as well as significant changes to Ranked. Of course, there will also a battle pass, and Embark has confirmed that The Finals Season 3 battle pass includes 96 rewards with many of them free.

In addition to a new map in Japan, Embark has announced a bunch of brilliant new weapons and gadgets for each of the classes: light, medium, and heavy. Embark has also explained why they are removing Cashout from Ranked, and we are officially getting a new comms feature fans have wanted since day one.

Season 3 is scheduled to launch in just a couple of days, and it has a lot of potential to massively improve the game. There will be another battle pass for The Finals players to grind, and it will include lots of rewards.

The Finals Season 3 battle pass

On Discord, Embark has confirmed the following inclusions for The Finals Season 3 battle pass:

  • 96 rewards
  • 26 free rewards
  • Earn 1575 Multibucks by unlocking
  • Two bonus pages

In addition to the battle pass, Career Circuit is returning once more “with new challenges and new rewards”.

Unfortunately, the exact battle pass rewards haven’t been revealed, but the Season 2 battle pass was great so hopefully the same is achieved with Season 3.

No price has been revealed, but it’ll presumably still be 1,150 multibucks for $9.99. There will be 26 rewards available to unlock for those who do not buy the BP, but those who do purchase will have access to unlock 70 premium rewards.

The upcoming third chapter is scheduled to launch on June 13th. Terminal Attack is becoming the defacto Ranked mode to make the game a “more tactical and competitive experience“. We’ve had Terminal Attack in Season 2, but the following changes are being implemented in S3:

  • Requiring the Attacking team to interact with the terminal to deliver it, rather than just throwing the key in from a distance
  • Warm-up zones that give defenders more time to prepare and strategize
  • Playing the different objective scenarios in the same sequence in each half of Attacking and Defending, to make a more balanced experience
  • Resetting the map destruction when teams switch from attacking to defending

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